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Collins Technology Law brings almost 50 years of combined legal experience to serve as a trusted advisor to senior business leadership, coordinating external resources and advising on issues at the intersection of law, technology, and finance.

Areas include:

  • Identification and analysis of major risk areas

  • Creation of legal frameworks consistent with business goals and objectives

  • Coordination of specialized outside counsel resources

  • Review and revision of critical agreements

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CTL has extensive experience navigating and advising on the legal and business aspects of complex technology transactions, fitting legal needs into broader business objectives.

Focuses include:

  • Shaping and negotiating inbound and outbound data and software licensing arrangements

  • Analyzing and revising of project-related documents, including Statements of Work

  • Structuring and negotiating technology transfer and commercialization agreements


Businesses preparing for financing rounds or M&A activity, or simply conducting corporate clean-up, require a targeted approach to document evaluation.


Areas include:

  • Triaged assessment of major legal and risk items

  • Review of data rooms

  • Meetings with executive teams to shape approach to due diligence process

  • Assistance in preparation of summary documents

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